Self Storage Packing Tips

Storage rentals are a great way to remove clutter from your space, but make sure the items you store don’t create brand new clutter in your self storage rental. With creative packing and organization, it’s easy to find what you need when you need it and create a sense of peace within your storage unit. If organize your unit properly, you’ll get the ultimate space to store your valuables and set aside your excess items. It’s also a great option for storing goods that you plan to sell. This guide offers you some different ways to pack and use your storage unit to its fullest potential.

1. Conduct an Inventory of What You Plan to Store

You probably have an array of furniture, boxes, unpacked items, and heirlooms that you want to store. Before deciding on the right storage unit, you should create a list of everything that you plan to store. You should also decide whether to box or carefully wrap items that may be more susceptible to the elements. You can separate items by type, weight and size. Always remember that heavier items should always go at the bottom of the stack. Awkwardly shaped or large items may need a separate space in your unit or another unit altogether.

2. Find the Best Storage Unit Size

You don’t want to pay any extra costs for space that you won’t use. Once you have an inventory, you can estimate the size of what you’ll need. The smallest units offer 25 to 35 square feet of space, which can hold small pieces of furniture, boxes and other items that would fit in a large walk-in closet. Larger storage units range from 50 to over 300 square feet of space, which is perfect if you have lots of furniture, equipment, or even a vehicle to store.

3. Pick up Supplies

Most people choose boxes to store items because they are sturdier and more protective than plastic bags or no coverage at all. They also take up less space and allow you to stack items more easily. If you want an even more secure option, consider using airtight plastic bins. When packing items into a storage unit, the right supplies, such as packing boxes and packaging tape are necessary. Here are a few other things that you might need:

  • Stacking boxes can be purchased from moving and storage companies
  • Packing paper is the best choice for wrapping valuables. Bubble wrap is also good for protecting fragile items. Newspaper may not be a good choice because ink may rub off.
  • Packing tape is a cheap solution to sealing boxes.
  • Markers and labels make it easier to organize and find what you need in your rental.

4. Pack Your Storage Rental for Easy Access

It’s best to pack items in boxes rather than allowing them to take up space on their own. You want to be able to stack things as neatly as possible in your unit. Lighter items should be at the top of the stack. Foam peanuts are a great way to protect fragile items and distribute the weight throughout the box, especially for items like dishes and glass goods. Remember to put your most important items, or those you use most frequently, near the front of your space.

You should keep your inventory list handy when you need to go to your storage unit. Clear labels and grouping items together in your unit will also make it easier to find what you need quickly.

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