You should enjoy spending time in your kitchen, not dreading every minute as you try to work in a cramped space. It's easy to clutter a small kitchen as you add more appliances,

December 22, 2016

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Space-Saving Tips to Get the Most from Your Cramped Kitchen

Is your Forney, TX kitchen packed with clutter? Try out some of these clever storage tips from Go Storage Units to help you gain back some of that space.

Storage Tips   December 22, 2016

First person view of riding a snowmobile

Five Tips for Snowmobile Off-Season Storage

It’s almost time to pack up your snowmobile in Bow, NH – and Go Storage Units has all the info you need to get it ready for self storage.

Storage Tips   February 23, 2016

Storage units store all Renaissance gear

Travel Back in Time at the Arizona Renaissance Festival

Phoenix, AZ is gearing up for one of the most anticipated events of the year: the Arizona Renaissance Festival. Dig some of your old clothes out of storage to create an awesome DIY costume you’ll want to show off in public.

Blog   Storage Tips   February 2, 2016

All About Business Storage

Need some organization motivation as the New Year kicks off? Go Storage Units has got the tips to get you started on organizing your business this year.

Blog   Storage Ammenities   Storage Tips   January 21, 2016

Tools to Make Your Own Documentary

Durham, North Carolina is a great place to create your very own documentary as it is home to the Full Frame Documentary Festival. If you’re new to the practice, let Go Storage Units help get you started.

Blog   Storage Tips   January 19, 2016

Build a Lego Room for Your Kids

Do your kids have dreams of a land of Legos? Let them follow their building block imagination with their very own creative space.

Blog   Storage Tips   January 12, 2016

How to Add Art Deco Design to Your Home

Are you an art connoisseur? Let Art Deco reflect in your home’s style with these tips from Go Storage Units and the help of a local Tulsa, Oklahoma storage unit.

Blog   Storage Tips   January 7, 2016

Create Your Own Cabinet of Curiosities

Creating a collection can be the perfect new hobby for the New Year. Get started with these ideas from Go Storage Units and let a safe and secure unit help you along the way.

Blog   Storage Tips   January 5, 2016

new year storage

Start and Finish a Project for Your New Year Resolution

If you resolve to turn the backyard into a miniature version of Myriad Gardens, chances are good tha...

Blog   Storage Tips   December 30, 2015

gift wrapping

Hold a Gift Wrapping Workshop in Your Home

It starts out fun, but getting all those presents ready for the Christmas holidays quickly unravels....

Blog   Storage Tips   December 14, 2015

musical instrument storage

How to Properly Use, Care For and Store Your Saxophone

Saxophone fans everywhere unite – November 6 is National Saxophone Day. Learn how to use, care for and protect your saxophone with these tips from Go Storage Units.

Blog   Storage Tips   November 3, 2015

Support Your Favorite Candidate

How You Can Help Your Favorite Candidate Become President

Do more than just cheer for your favorite political candidate in Meridian, MS. Help them win election by organizing a campaign using self storage!

Blog   Moving and Storage   Storage Tips   September 29, 2015

Comic Book Storage

How to Store Your Comic Book Collection

National Comic Book Day is September 25, and Go Local Storage is sharing tips for storing your comic book collection to save it from the Portland, OR weather.

Blog   Storage Tips   September 10, 2015

storing electronics

Tips to Storing Electronics

As the tech hub between Boulder and Denver, Broomfield, CO has an electronic overload. There’s always self storage, but there’s a trick to doing it right.

Blog   Moving and Storage   Storage Ammenities   Storage Tips   June 22, 2015

3 Ways to Use Storage Units for Your Photography Hobby

Find out all the ways you can use storage units in Paramount, CA for your photography hobby! Go Storage Units can help you find one nearby.

Blog   Moving and Storage   Storage Tips   May 29, 2015

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