The BikeroBrew in Tacoma, WA combines two of our favorite things – bikers and brews. So dig your bike out of self storage and gear up for this exciting event!

April 12, 2016

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5 Ways to Prepare for Tacoma's BikeroBrew

The BikeroBrew in Tacoma, WA combines two of our favorite things – bikers and brews. So dig your bike out of self storage and gear up for this exciting event!

Blog   April 12, 2016

Get Your Hands Dirty for Earth Day

Go Storage Units is celebrating Earth Day and Arbor Day in Shreveport, LA this month by showing you easy ways you can make a big impact.

Blog   April 7, 2016

Discover a New Hobby in Mission, TX

No Housework Day has us ditching chores and exploring new hobbies in Mission, TX! But make sure you find a storage locker to make room for all your new gear.

Blog   April 5, 2016

City Spotlight: Wilson, NC

Have you heard of Wilson, NC? If you’re in one of a dozen commercial industries, you have. Go Storage Units has a lot to share about this wonderful city.

Blog   March 24, 2016

5 Ways to Present Your Chips and Dip

Get ready for Chip and Dip Day in Eugene, OR with these five tasty tips from Go Storage Units that will help you create the most creative dip display!

Blog   March 22, 2016

Become a Magician in Vegas

Magicians in Las Vegas, NV need a lot of skills to be good at their craft – but they also need room to practice in. That’s where storage lockers come in to play.

Blog   March 17, 2016

Celebrate National Agriculture Day in Blythe, CA

Celebrate National Agriculture Day in Blythe, CA, the city with a long historical past in farming and irrigation. Go Storage Units travels back in time to learn more!

Blog   March 15, 2016

Things You Can Recycle in Victorville

Victorville, CA is proud to offer a slew of recycling programs for residents. Go Storage Units has the scoop on how you can get involved!

Blog   March 3, 2016

Celebrate Old Stuff Day at a Dallas Flea Market

Celebrate Old Stuff Day in a new way! Visit the plethora of Dallas, TX flea markets around you. Go Storage Units has some tips to flea market shopping.

Blog   March 1, 2016

Devour Downtown Winterfest Doesn’t Have to be Over

Attention Indianapolis, IN foodies! Devour Downtown may be over – but you can still go pro. Check out how it works – and get to creating!

Blog   February 25, 2016

First person view of riding a snowmobile

Five Tips for Snowmobile Off-Season Storage

It’s almost time to pack up your snowmobile in Bow, NH – and Go Storage Units has all the info you need to get it ready for self storage.

Storage Tips   February 23, 2016

Community Challenge: 10 Ways to Make Houston the Fittest City in Texas

‘It’s Time Texas’ is the perfect motivation to get fit in Houston, TX! Get your workout gear out of storage and put it to good use with these helpful tips.

Blog   February 11, 2016

Starting a Business in Durham

Business is booming in downtown Durham, NC and you can be next in the line of new companies to sprout up. Go Storage Units is sharing tips for getting there!

Blog   February 9, 2016

City Spotlight: Bend, Oregon

Does 300 days of sunshine appeal to you? Bend, Oregon boasts more than just that! Go Storage Units is sharing all the best parts about Bend.

Blog   February 4, 2016

Storage units store all Renaissance gear

Travel Back in Time at the Arizona Renaissance Festival

Phoenix, AZ is gearing up for one of the most anticipated events of the year: the Arizona Renaissance Festival. Dig some of your old clothes out of storage to create an awesome DIY costume you’ll want to show off in public.

Blog   Storage Tips   February 2, 2016

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