Windsurfing the Columbia River Near Hood River is Wet and Wild

October 4, 2016

Hood River, OR, is a port located on the Columbia River Gorge. The natural beauty and high winds in the area has made it a popular spot for windsurfing. With a little help from an instructor and a public storage facility, you too could be enjoying the freedom and excitement of this surface water sport. Your friends at Go Storage Units are here to show you how.

The Joy of Windsurfing at Hood River

Windsurfing combines the elements of surfing and sailing. The windsurfer stands on a board, which is usually customized for the sport, and controls a sail that is attached to a boom. Catching the wind allows the windsurfer to maneuver, so most surfers seek an area with high winds to get the most dramatic effect. The sailing rig is connected to the surfer’s board by a universal joint. Hood River’s avid windsurfing fans often head to The Dalles Riverfront Park to enjoy the great atmosphere and the convenient windsurfing amenities, which include a grassy area for rigging, food concessions and outdoor showers. It also has a special practice pond designed for surfers to hone their skills.

Getting Started: Essential Windsurfing Gear

If you want to get in on the windsurfing action at Hood River, you’ll need windsurfing lessons and the right equipment. Due to the sport’s local popularity, it’s easy to obtain lessons and find decent prices on boards and rigs. As a beginner, you’ll need a wider board that has been designed for people who are not yet familiar with the sport. Once you’ve gained some experience, you can try out smaller boards. You’ll also need a sail, a mast, a boom and windsurfing fins. If you’re not sure what type or brand to buy, your local sports equipment dealer or windsurfing instructor will be glad to help.

Public Storage Keeps Your Windsurfing Gear Safe

Windsurfing equipment is large and awkward to transport. If you don’t have room in your car or you have to drive a significant distance to get to Hood River, there’s no reason to drag your board and other gear back and forth. You can store it all conveniently at a self storage facility in Hood River, OR. Visit Go Storage Units online to reserve your clean, affordable storage unit today.

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