Turn Your Sand Springs Storage Unit into a DIY Photo Darkroom

December 13, 2016

In a world where everyone now takes pictures with smartphones, it looks like the end of darkrooms and the true art of photography. However, not everyone is content with smartphone cameras and their limitations. If you're a budding photographer, why not discover the benefits and mystique of developing your shots in a darkroom? There's no need to worry if you lack the space at home. With local self storage, you can set up a darkroom and have a professional space all to yourself.

Transforming Storage Units into Darkrooms

As a photographer in Sand Springs, OK, you have a reason to go out with your camera. After all, the Arkansas River flows right through the city, giving you plenty of views to capture on film. Before you can develop your shots, you'll need a good storage space to begin work on your darkroom.

Selecting the Right Storage Unit

You won't need the largest storage unit available for developing your photographs. In fact, a 5-by-5 unit may serve the purpose. It's about the same size as a small bathroom and has room enough for setting up your developing solutions and other equipment. However, a 5-by-10 storage unit will give you more elbow room and extra space for storing additional equipment such as blackout blinds, backdrops and fans.

Select a climate-controlled unit; otherwise, the varying temperatures will negatively affect the chemicals and your photos. You can also get by with a portable air conditioner if the unit lacks temperature control. The storage unit should also have electrical outlets for plugging in your fans, a safelight and other necessary equipment.

Bring in Your Supplies

With your darkroom picked out, it's time to move in and set up your equipment. You'll need your blackout supplies to create a dark space. Although not much light leaks into a storage unit, it doesn't create a completely dark void. Therefore, you'll want to cover any cracks with black sheets or curtains.

You'll also want to bring in a fan to help circulate the air. A fan will disperse the chemical fumes and help you breathe easier while you work. Storage units don't have water connections, so you'll have to bring in your own water. You can either set up a water cooler inside the unit or bring in water jugs before you get started.

Make sure to set up your safelight before working. These light bulbs glow red and give you a way to see what you're doing. They won't damage your photos and can fit into any lamp.

Set Up Your Space

Once you have everything, it's time to set up your darkroom. Use two different tables to set up your workstation, and dedicate one table for wet work and the other for dry work. Keeping these two areas separated will prevent accidental damage while you work. Set up a few shelves to store your supplies, and get ready to start developing the first photographs in your new darkroom.

Using self storage as a darkroom, you'll join the ranks of professional photographers in Sand Springs, OK. Let Go Storage Units put you in a convenient and affordable storage unit near your home. You can pick out the perfect unit for your darkroom and start developing your shots in the comfort of your own space.

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