These 5 Tiny Houses Will Inspire You to Declutter Your Home

December 6, 2016

Cities, neighborhoods, the world – everything feels a lot more crowded now. It seems like developers are cutting down more trees to make room for subdivisions, where large houses will line the streets and sit less than 10 feet from a neighbor. Estacada, OR has such wonderful views that it'd be a shame to create such a cluttered mess. With tiny houses on the rise, it teaches us to live comfortably in a smaller space and inspires us to look for options to declutter our own homes, potentially by using convenient local self storage.

Cottage Style in a Small Form Factor

This signature tiny home makes use of its 404 square feet of space. You can easily fit a queen-sized bed in the bedroom and cook full meals in the efficient kitchen, featuring a full-sized range with an oven and a built-in microwave. The cathedral ceiling makes the interior feel roomy, and the small fireplace keeps you warm on cold Oregon nights.

Oregon Tiny Trailer Retreat

Think you need more than 200 square feet of space? Ron Rusnak, a resident of Ashland, Oregon, transformed this trailer into a comfortable tiny home. Besides having a fully furnished interior with appliances, it also has a removable cedar deck for enjoying a barbecue with friends.

Tiny House, Cozy Home

It may appear small on the outside, but this tiny home has more room on the inside than it seems. Shelley and Joshua make use of the 224-square-foot interior thanks to the home's thoughtful design. It has a full-sized fridge, floating stairs leading to the loft, generous countertop space and modern amenities. Hidden storage units inside the home make it easy to keep things out of the way and make them available when they're needed.

A Tiny Home with Room for Guests

Most tiny homes only have one bedroom, but not this one, which tacks on a guest room. Shelter Wise created the Hikari Box house, which features two lofts, Japanese-inspired stairs, numerous windows and modern styling. Overall, the roomy design makes this 184-square-foot tiny home appear larger than it seems.

Small Home, Small Budget

You don't need a large budget to build a home. Take Scott Brooks as an example. With only $500, he built this low-cost tiny home using recycled materials. It measures 83 square feet and sits on an impressive 20 acres. This tiny home may not have modern conveniences such as plumbing or stainless steel appliances, but it shows that anyone can live comfortably in a small space and feel content without all that extra clutter.

Get Rid of Your Clutter with Self Storage

You may not be ready to downgrade your current home, but you can make more room by decluttering your space. Go Storage Units can help you find available self storage for residents and visitors of Estacada, OR. If you live in a tiny home, storage units come in handy when you're in need of more space for your belongings. With a convenient and affordable storage unit, you can free up room in your home and make great use of your newly acquired space.

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