Space-Saving Tips to Get the Most from Your Cramped Kitchen

December 22, 2016

You should enjoy spending time in your kitchen, not dreading every minute as you try to work in a cramped space. It's easy to clutter a small kitchen as you add more appliances, cookware and decor. If you're having trouble making extra space, Go Storage Units has come to the rescue. With a few space-saving tips, you'll reduce all the clutter and love being in your kitchen again.

5 Storage Tips for Your Kitchen

As a resident of Forney ,TX, it makes sense that you'd want more space. After all, everything's bigger in Texas, so it's only right that you'd want to make use of every square inch of your kitchen.

Hang cooking pots above the stove.

If you have space above your stove, install a shelf to store your most-used pots. You can also attach hooks to the shelf and hang pans and cooking utensils, putting everything easily within reach. The new shelving system will also clear up space in the cabinets, making room for other items that may be in the way.

Add a storage island.

Even small kitchens have space for a tiny storage island. Invest in a kitchen island with wheels so that you can easily move it out of your way. It should also have a hollow side with shelves, giving you extra space for storing dishes, cookbooks, small appliances and more. You can also install hooks on the sides for hanging your dish towels.

Use baskets to gain more counter space.

Storage baskets come in all shapes and sizes, meaning that you can find the perfect fit for your counters. Place a few baskets on your countertop to hold your fruits, veggies and other items that normally clutter the space. You can also hang the baskets beneath the top cabinets and get everything off the countertops.

Don't let wall space go to waste.

Why hang a picture or a calendar in your kitchen when you could use the space for shelves and hooks? Go vertical with your storage, and install shelving systems for your spices, extra utensils and other items that you use often. You can store all your measuring cups, nonperishable condiments and other useful items right where you need them while keeping them out of the way.

Take advantage of cabinet doors.

The back of your cabinet doors are like tiny walls hidden from your view. Take the bull by the horns, and convert these doors into extra storage space. Install small shelves on the back of the doors for storing your plastic wrap, aluminum foil and other boxed items. You can even tack a magazine file to the door as an option and create your own do-it-yourself storage basket.

Self Storage Gives You More Space

When you've used up all the space in your kitchen, turn to self storage as an option. Go Storage Units can help provide you with the ideal space for storing your lesser-used items. We'll help you find a storage facility in Forney, TX that's close to home, has plenty of space and provides around-the-clock security for your belongings.

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