Mission is the Place to Watch Butterfly Migration This Fall

October 27, 2016

If you live in or near Mission, TX, you’ve probably seen more than a few butterflies in your lifetime. Mission is part of a three-county area at the southernmost tip of the state where almost 40 percent of all butterfly species native to the U.S. can be seen. It’s also where you can find the National Butterfly Center. Because Mission is located in the butterflies’ natural migratory path, it’s the perfect place to discover and enjoy these beautiful and fascinating creatures. This month, your friendly public storage experts at Go Storage Units are offering tips for viewing area butterflies during the current fall migration period.

How to Enjoy Butterfly Season in Mission, TX

  • You don’t have to do anything special to see butterflies in Texas. Simply spend some time outdoors in a sunny garden.
  • Focus your search on flowers and water sources to increase your chances of viewing a butterfly for any length of time.
  • When you spot an interesting butterfly, keep your eyes on it as you approach. Butterflies move quickly. If you look away, it may be difficult to find your target again.
  • Make your approach a slow and cautious one. Butterflies have great eyesight. They have to stay alert to stay alive, and they’ll flee at any sign of a threat.
  • Remember that your shadow could startle the butterfly. Sudden changes in light and shadows signal danger.
  • Don’t try to touch or capture a butterfly. Its wings are extremely delicate, and the touch of your fingers could cause serious damage. If you’re craving personal contact, be still and allow the butterfly to land gently on your hand instead.

Don’t Miss the Texas Butterfly Festival

If you’re a serious butterfly lover, you don’t want to miss this year’s Texas Butterfly Festival, which will begin on October 29 and end on November 2.. As a registrant, you’ll enjoy field trips and educational activities, private hot spot tours and fun for all ages. You can even participate in the North American Butterfly Photo Contest. At the peak of butterfly season in the Rio Grande Valley, you can expect to see as many as 60 different species in a single day, including the stunningly beautiful and recently threatened Monarch butterfly.

Butterfly Projects and Public Storage

Bright colors, butterfly spas and sunny garden areas attract more butterflies to your property, and if you live in Mission, TX, there are plenty to attract. If the festival inspires you to start a butterfly friendly landscape project, renting a self storage unit to hold your building supplies or excess summer decor can make the process easier. Visit Go Storage Units to learn more about our affordable self storage options today.

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