December in Blythe is When the Snowbirds Arrive

December 8, 2016

Winter sure would feel great if it wasn't so cold, right? For those who long for the sun on their skin, there's always sunny Blythe, CA to keep you warm and toasty while everyone else freezes through the winter. During the cold months, people everywhere pack their belongings in local storage units and head to warmer pastures until spring. They're called "snowbirds," and it seems like they have the right idea for outsmarting Old Man Winter.

5 Tips for New Snowbirds

Blythe's population almost triples every winter, and it's easy to see why: The daily temperatures range between 55 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Compared to winter in the North, Blythe seems like a tropical paradise without having to leave the mainland. If you're ready to try the snowbird lifestyle for yourself, it's good to consider the basics from the start.

Decide whether to rent or buy.

Spend a season or two in Blythe before making a decision whether to buy or rent a winter home. If you're financially well off, it makes more sense to buy a home and not have to deal with a rental property and yearly price increases. Renting gives you the advantage of leaving whenever you want, so there are pros and cons to each side. Weigh your options after spending some time in Blythe during the winter.

Winterize your home before leaving.

You should give your home a once-over before leaving it for a few months. Clean out the gutters to prevent ice dams, have the roof inspected for leaks and check the furnace to keep it in good shape while you're away. Doing some routine maintenance will help prevent catastrophe when you're hundreds or thousands of miles from home.

Store your items for seasonal use.

Use self storage as a way to store your valuables for the winter season. Unfortunate circumstances can happen at any time, such as fires, theft and storms. Packing your most-treasured heirlooms, furniture and other belongings in storage units will keep them safe and your mind at ease.

Pack the necessary travel essentials.

You're headed to warm and sunny Blythe, so you don't have to pack loads of heavy winter clothing. Pack only what you need during your time away, such as photocopies of your legal documents, light clothing and things that you can't leave behind. You can always buy the bare essentials when you arrive, such as bathroom supplies, a few dishes and other necessary items.

Make sure that your affairs are in order.

Before you go, let your friends and family know where you're going and how they can reach you. Inform your credit card companies and your bank if you're leaving the country, and take care of any financial obligations such as mortgage payments, utility bills and other matters.

Enjoy the Winter Season in Blythe, CA

When it's time to make the move to Blythe, Go Storage Units makes it easy for snowbirds. We can help you find affordable self storage and make your transition to sunny southern California a smooth one.

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