City Spotlight: Nagodoches, TX

October 25, 2016

Nagodoches, TX, is a relatively small, quaint town, but it has enough history and character to fill the state. Founded in 1779 by Don Antonio Gil Y’Barbo, it’s considered to be the oldest town in Texas. Throughout its long history, it has managed to acquire many other interesting distinctions. Here’s a bit of local trivia from your Nacogdoches public storage pros at Go Storage Units.

Fun Facts About Nacogdoches, TX

  • Although the state of Texas has had only six flags, Nacogdoches has flown a total of nine throughout its history. They include the following flags: United States, Lone Star, Fredonia Rebellion, Mexican, Confederate Star and Bars, Spanish, French, Dr. James Long Expedition and Gutierrez-Magee Rebellion.
  • The city is home to the largest azalea garden in Texas. The eight-acre Ruby M. Mize Azalea Garden features more than 7,000 azaleas.
  • Nacogdoches is near the site of Nevantin, which is the main village of the Nacogdoches tribe of Caddo Indians. Known to be travelers and traders, the Caddo came to East Texas as early as 800 A.D.
  • The Stephen F. Austin State University (SFA) calls Nacogdoches home. Founded in 1923 as a teacher’s college, it was named after one of the state’s founding fathers. SFA has a planetarium and an observatory, and its campus is also the base of the East Texas Historical Association. The school’s mascot is the Lumberjack, which represents the state’s native piney woods and agricultural history.
  • The county of Nacogdoches produces the largest amount of blueberries in the state of Texas.
  • Country music legend Willie Nelson named one of his albums after Nacogdoches, and it was recorded in the city as well.
  • Famous outlaws Bonnie and Clyde were believed to have spent some time in the city.
  • When the Space Shuttle Columbia broke apart in 2003, the first pieces were discovered in downtown Nacogdoches.

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