The "Bakersfield Sound" is Still Going Strong in California

September 27, 2016

If you're a country music fan, Bakersfield, CA, is the perfect place to live. As the home of the classic "Bakersfield Sound" and the old stomping grounds of many famous country musicians, the city holds a place both in music history and in the hearts of music lovers around the world. Your friendly self storage experts at Go Storage Units are happy to celebrate Bakersfield's musical legacy by sharing a little background.

What Is the Famous Bakersfield Sound?

Many music lovers describe the Bakersfield Sound as a twangy, laid-back mix of crooning vocals and soulful steel guitar. The characteristic sound got its start in the mid-1950s as a rebellion against the more sophisticated, string-laden orchestral sound of popular Nashville music. Famous country musicians who helped develop the Bakersfield Sound include Buck Owens, Merle Haggard, Jean Shepard, Tommy Collins, Susan Raye and Freddie Hart. Throughout the 50s and 60s, it could be heard at local honky-tonk bars such as The Blackboard. It gained even more exposure on local television stations and soon became a well-known musical entity. The mass of Dust Bowl migrants coming in from the South ensured that the Bakersfield Sound and the country music genre as a whole would thrive in California. "Louisiana Swing," recorded by Bud Hobbs in 1954, was the first song recorded in the Bakersfield style.

Local Musicians Keep the Spirit Alive

Modern Bakersfield is still a cradle of music on the west coast. Scores of musicians playing classic Bakersfield-style country music and many other genres keep the legacy alive with live gigs all over town. You can also find many famous acts playing local venues such as the Rabobank Arena, Theater & Convention Center, Trout’s & the Blackboard Stages and Buck Owen's Crystal Palace. If you'd like to discover new music and support local bands and musicians between live concerts, check out Radio Free Bakersfield online.

Go Storage Units Loves Today's Bakersfield Musicians

Musical instruments, stage gear, lighting and sound systems take up a significant amount of space and require a safe, climate-controlled storage environment to stay in top condition. As our Bakersfield, CA, musicians run back and forth to gigs, they need a convenient, secure and clean place to store their equipment. We're here to help by providing affordable storage units that meet their needs and budgets. If you're a musician in search of self storage options, visit Go Storage Units today.

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